Special Offers


Special Offers on budget tyres


Our “essential selection” the top 5 budget tyres we sell. You know, the tyres fitted to everyday cars, the ones we see out of our car window. Most of the cars parked down our streets in hull……

Simply put we have slashed the prices of the budget tyres, Hopefully help to make motoring is less hurtful on your pocket.

The top 5 budget tyres we sell


175-65-14          £40
195-65-15          £40
205-55-16          £40
225-45-17          £45
225-40-18          £45


No hidden extras

These are budget tyres, cheap tyres and excellent quality tyres from leading brands like aoteli and infinity along with other house brands. This is where we stand out from the rest, we provide a free fitting and balancing service on all tyres bought from us. Every wheel rim is checked, cleaned, bead sealed & fitted with a new valve before the new tyre is fitted

How can we sell tyres this cheap In hull?? Simply put, we buy in bulk, have the stock on shelf, ready to fit, cutting out the middle man & saving time Waiting for the tyres to arrive.

Cheap tyres at nearly part worn tyre money……


Pound for Pound

In 2015 we sold a part worn 205/55/16 for £25.  

(5mm of tread with a legal useable 3.4mm of tread, costing £7.35 per mm.)

In 2017 we sell a brand new budget 205/55/16 tyre for £40.  

(8mm of tread, with a legal useable 6.4mm of tread costing £6.25 per mm.)

Each millimetre of tread is costing £1.10 less over the life of the tyre. Agreeably it’s £15 more, but People go away with the piece of mind having had a new tyre fitted regardless of the brand.


“Budget tyre doesn’t have to mean poor quality, we like to think of it as good value for money”