Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

Fast Fit Tyres now use nitrogen Tyre inflation, see the benefits below.

Why use Nitrogen tyre inflation?

  • Enhanced Safety – Nitrogen Tyre Inflation maintains proper tyre inflation, your car maintains greater control and grip in all weather conditions.Grip and control are the foundation to safer motoring.
  • Better Fuel economy – With improved tyre inflation comes improved fuel economy.You can save between 5-7% on your fuel costs using nitrogen in your tyres.
  • Longer tyre life – Because nitrogen is a clean, moisture free gas, it slows down internal oxidation which in-turn slows the ageing process of your tyres and wheel rims. As a result fewer tyres are going to landfill which means better environment benefits.

Did you know?

Compressed air – The traditional medium used to inflate your tyres contains both oxigen and nitrogen. A rubber car tyre acts like a membrane when inflated.Oxygen molecules, which are smaller than nitrogen molecules permeates through the rubber 3 – 5 times faster than nitrogen inflation. As the oxygen molecules slowly leak out from the tyre, under inflation takes place. This leads to tyre ware, reduced fuel economy and most important, a decrease in vehicle control.

Improper inflation

Tyre inflation largely determines its optimal loading capacity.An incorrectly inflated tyre operates at a much higher deflection – meaning its optimal loading capacity is compromised.the side effects of this are reduced fuel economy, sluggish handling and excessive mechanical flexing, resulting in heat build up.Heat build up can lead to a catastrophic failure with the relevant consequences.

Proper inflation

Nitrogen inflated tyres retain their pressure 3 – 5 times longer than tyres filled with normal compressed air. On average tyres filled with compressed air loses around 1.5 psi per month. Maintaining proper tyre inflation reduces rolling resistance, maximises fuel efficiency and increase safety.

Fast fit tyres & Rh autos using nitrogen!

Here at fast fit tyres we run our own vehicles using nitrogen tyre inflation technology, both the 3.5 ton movano & the 6.5 ton iveco Recovery trucks and the fast fit tyre van! Fuel consumption is up, Tyre wear is down and overall handling of a loaded recovery vehicle is improved.